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Group Coaching

Our group coaching provides a number of core benefits including professional and personal development and enhanced self-awareness.  It focuses on your leadership or life goals and development opportunities. Participants are able to tabenefit from the development of new relationships and networks with others who have similar goals.  You will from the collective wisdom. Peer learning is equally as important as the interaction with the coach. The process is less on the spot, giving you more time to reflect and integrate your insights. Our process framework for the coaching to emerge from.

You're making money.... maybe a lot of money, but you're not passionate about the work that you're doing.  You took the job because at one point you were passionate about the work, but now not so much.  Are you so busy earning a paycheck that you neglect to do what you are passionate about?  Today is the the day you no longer have to choose, you can earn a paycheck and do work that you are passionate about.     investing our time and energy

a sense of meaning, purpose and accomplishment

12 Week Group Coaching Workshop 

Don't just collect a paycheck, do what you've always wanted to do, do the work that you are passionate about.  You've sOur working careers will consume most of our lives, so we might as well do something we enjoy

Our Executive On-boarding Program can help you successfully assimilate into your new role, while helping you to: 

  • Identify your stakeholders (up, down, across…)

  • Discover your leadership message

  • Create your pre-start and day one entry plans.

  • Deliver Better Results Faster

Elevate -  A retreat process held over 2- day  focusing on better work-life balance issues. While the program is marketed as a retreat, the program is grounded in a group coaching approach. It builds on the core coaching competencies, focusing on goal setting, action, awareness and accountability for the group members. Click here to learn more

Coach Caldwell Get Results!!! I started working with Coach Caldwell in my professional life as a coach. I believe in coaches having a coach. She worked with me in the areas of marketing, branding, and business development. Coach Caldwell has been instrumental in helping me see my strengths and areas of growth. I can not begin to count the many times in working with her that the light bulb came on in my mind. An effective coach knows how to communicate to get results. She gets results! Alfia Caldwell has found her calling as a coach and she is one of the most effective that I have ever worked with. David Smith, Owner - I Speak Life Coaching LLC. Atlanta, GA

Coach Caldwell is the epitome of encouragement. She has helped guide my thoughts and ideas in a direction that has helped me accomplish targeted goals. What I enjoy the most about Coach Caldwell is she encourages me to celebrate the “WINS”; big or small. Most importantly, she has helped me to see those activities that do and do not correlate in some way with my core values, this helped me to focus my time. That, I must say, was a huge “WIN” for me. Thank you Coach Caldwell! Termaine Merrill, Insurance and Financial Services Business Owner - Farmers Insurance. Chicago, IL 

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