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Specific and Practical Training To Grow Your Business

March 6-7, 2017


Our intensive 2-day workshop will teach you the specific steps and proven systems you need to implement and grow your business with scheduled seminars, expert support, and hands-on training.


The Value of ELEVATE

                                                                                    Get the strategy you need to grow your business 


                                                                    Create clarity around what a successful business looks and feel like 


                                    Find out the ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS for finally finding the success you want in your business 


                                      Discover the #1 THING STOPPING YOU from experiencing the success you want in your business 

Complete the workshop with the excitement  of knowing EXACTLY WHAT TO DO next to experience the success in your business you truly want


How It Works:


1. Pre-Workshop Support and Training


2. Workshop Day 1: Become An Effective CEO

      Balancing Family, Fitness, and Finances


3.Workshop Day 2: Team Management

Elevate Your Business 


4. Post Workshop Support and Follow-Up

Alfia Caldwell also known as "The Strategy Coach" is a certified executive coach. For nearly ten years, she has successfully helped hundreds of senior level leaders get results through an intentional and targeted strategy.  She is an expert at change management, creating sustainable systems, and the teaching the application of intrapreneur skills. Alfia's proven strategy is both intentional and targeted and has proven to produce success for both large Fortune 50 organizations and small business owner alike.   

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