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Break free from your frustration … discover how to shift your mindset around taking risks and experience the rewards that come with lasting change.  This Self Study Coaching Program Courage, Risks and Rewards teaches you how to Take Chances That Will Change Your Life For The Better!

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Learn how to create change with a step-by-step plan, the right guidance, and a powerful mindset shift. Discover it for yourself, by enrolling in Courage, Risks and Rewards – Taking Chances to Change Your Life! 

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn when you enroll:

 Part 1. Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake

              If you've ever held back from doing something because it was too risky, then                it's time to change the way you think about taking risks/chances. You see                      taking chances is an integral part of life! It's natural to experience fear or                        trepidation, and it's also very possible to overcome them … when you have                    the right tools.


              During this module, you'll learn:

              Why people often shy away from taking risks, and how to begin changing                      your mindset around doing so.  Why risk-taking is essential if you want your                  life to change for the better, and how to determine whether you're willing to                take a certain risk (or not!).  What you need to know about the perspective                    that can impact your willingness to take chance.  And more.

Part 2. Your Attitude Toward Taking Chances
             You're taking chances, all day, every day … whether you realize it or not. Every               time you get in your car, walk across the street, or get on a flight, you're                         taking  a risk. You can't completely avoid risk taking. What you CAN do is shift               your attitude toward taking chances.


              During this module, you'll learn:

              What can help or hamper your efforts when you're taking a risk.
              The truth about being "safe," and the truth about doing nothing.
              An exercise for determining how courageous you feel about specific activities                that require different degrees of risk.
              And more.

Part 3. Why We Avoid Taking Risks & What Supports Risk Taking
              Here, we'll continue to explore what it means to have courage, take risks,                      and reap the rewards. We take a deeper look at the positive side of risk                          taking. Once you've discovered why you avoid taking risks, we'll explore how                to put supports in place to help you take more healthy risks.


               During this module, you'll learn:

               How in some cases, our desire to avoid dumb risks also means we miss                         smart risks that come our way … and how to recognize those smart risks                       when they cross your path.  What you need to do before you stretch                               outside of your comfort zone to take new chances.  5 powerful perspectives                 on risk taking that will empower you to take more chances.  Why risk-taking                 isn't necessarily about doing more, and what it means, instead.  And more.


Part 4. What I Gain from Taking Chances
             People often avoid taking risks because they're afraid of what they'll lose.                     It's time to shift your perspective and consider, instead what you'll gain                         if the risk pays off.


             During this module, you'll learn:

             A process by which you can determine whether you're willing to take a                           certain risk, based on what you have to gain.  A new, logical approach to risk-               taking that makes "losing" irrelevant.  What's bound to happen if you                             consistently take risks in life.  And more.


Part 5. Review and Lock It In
            Here, we'll review what you've learned so far, and you'll answer a final set of                  questions to lock in the new information.

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Alfia Caldwell also fittingly known as The Strategy Coach, for ten years has successfully helped thousands of leaders navigate important decisions, from strategizing with executives to help their organizations purposefully arrive at key decisions, to helping leaders motivate their teams to shatter performance records, to joining forces with entrepreneurs in launching and maintaining thriving businesses, to helping already successful leaders finally do what they are passionate about. She uses her professional expertise and personal experiences to help leaders ignite and transform their world. Alfia will share both successes and failures and how she took control of her own success. 


As an Executive Coach and Consultant, she speaks your language.  Her approach is based upon the most current and progressive theories, tempered with decades of real-world experience. Her methodology is currently producing dramatic results for Fortune 50 and Global 100 companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals. She is a certified and experienced coach, and have received advanced training from institutions accredited by the prestigious International Coach Federation.  She is an expert at change management, creating sustainability, and creating balance.  Alfia's proven strategy is both intentional and targeted and has proven to produce success for both major organizations and individuals alike.  

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