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Our Services

We help leaders create a clear path to advancement and fulfillment. Through virtual and in-person coaching and training services our highly interactive programs offer participants support and practical insights. The ultimate goal is to ensure that participants leave the sessions knowing how and where they can incorporate the new behaviors in their world to reach their goal.


Focus and Flourish Group Mastermind

Our group masterminds offers self-motivated individuals, aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, and business professionals an opportunity to create sustainable change in various areas of their life. Participants are able to leverage the power of community, connection and engage with others who have similar goals and are on the same path to achieving them. Participants take part in a 3 month coaching program. 

Executive Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching offers self-motivated individuals, aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, and business professionals who want individual attention and advice for professional and personal growth. This type of coaching provides personalized accountability to help you reach your goals. If you’re ready to do the work, get unstuck, and quickly shift into the next-level version of yourself, 1:1 coaching is right for you. 3, 6, and 12-month coaching programs. 

Brillant Business Planning 

Our 1:1 coaching offers aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who are ready to tackle their next big idea but want strategic direction to plan out the fastest route to get to the finish line. Whether you need help with the execution of a current strategy or need strategies for your next level, we’ll provide a fresh set of eyes and unique insights that help you reach your goals. A 3, 6, and 12-month coaching programs. 

Organizational Development Consulting

Let us help you manage complex changes and improve your organizational effectiveness with stakeholders.  We'll help you to determine causes for performance gaps and identify developmental solutions to improve organizational effectiveness. We will assist your organization with strategic planning to guide you from your current state to your desired state/vision. 6, and 12 month coaching programs. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Increased performance. Measurable results. Immediate impact. They’re all within your reach — and what we pride ourselves on delivering.

Inquire about scheduling a workshop to accelerate your awareness, mental fitness and performance using our ground-breaking methodologies with innovative technologies and targeted strategies.

What Our Clients Say

Ashley M, Salon Owner

Alfia helped me with the start up of my business.  She was a great thinking partner and was instrumental in helping me think more strategically, while helping me stay on track with everything I needed to do to launch my business.  We also worked on my financials as an individual and business owner. I would recommend her as a coach. 

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