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Calming the Storms of Conflict! Ensuring Life Harmony, Resolving Conflict, and Creating Positive Cha

It’s interesting isn’t it? It seems that no matter where we go or what we are doing, there’s conflict around just about every corner. If we’re lucky, we can steer clear of it, but there are times that it seems to be waiting for us and is unavoidable. Have you ever stopped to really wonder why that is? If you’re a nice person and cooperative in your approach to others, then why does confrontation still seem to find you?

Could it be the fault of those around? You’re pretty careful to have friends and associates who are caring and sensitive people, so that’s not it. Is it just a matter of bad luck? Could it be some form of fate or karma? No, of course not; there’s more to it than that.

The truth is, conflict can occur whenever people get together in any circumstance, whether it’s just to talk, work or enjoy one another’s company, regardless of whether we create or contribute to the confrontation. The more decisions that need to be made and agreed upon when two or more people come together, the better the odds of running into some sort of confrontation.

So, it seems that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, if the circumstances involve dealing with other people, there is a potential for disagreement. This simply is a fact of life that cannot be altered by even our best intentions. With that being the case, the best alternative for stopping conflict in its tracks would be for us all to learn to recognize the signs of an impending confrontation so we can implement conflict resolution strategies to deal with it, and nip it in the bud.

To Calming the Storms of Conflict, incorporate the following:

  • Look for ways to achieve a greater sense of over-all peace, confidence and integrity.

  • Try to get a better understanding of the causes of conflict in your life.

  • Learn to recognize, prevent and resolve conflict quickly and effectively.

  • Deepen “connection” with friends, family and even total strangers.

  • Improve relationships with those who are most important in your life.


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