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Organizational culture and organizational change

Organizational culture is important. It plays a significant role in the life and success of an organization. It is sometimes an informal and unconscious aspect of organizational life, other times it is a more formal and a conscious way of how organizations conduct themselves and carry out business.

Organizational culture can have affects on change, playing in favor to assist in and contribute to a successful change initiative. While on the other hand hindering an organizations attempt to reform or go to the next level. Despite the best interest and attempts of leadership, organizational culture can proves to be a great obstacle to change. Likewise transformational change may greatly impact an organization’s culture.

When changes are made in other areas of the organization they may yield few results, if nothing happens on the cultural side. Changes such as structural, procedural, or technical changes may all impact organizational culture and should be preceded by changes to the organizational culture in order to maximize the outcomes.

Organizational culture changes are achieved by reshaping the myths, traditions, values and fundamental ideas shared by the members of an organization, with the ultimate goal of creating a new identity for the organization and its members. By critically reviewing the existent organizational culture along with other key factors like the behaviors of employees and leadership, can ensure the success of organizational cultural, and other forms of organizational change.


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